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Get this one if you want to have the vanilla contentare a content completionist andor plan on only one large install. This section contains the wide range of fia sporting and technical regulations in an easily downloadable format. Presenting rfactor, the racing simulation series from image space incorporated and now studio 397. Please, consider subscribing to a simracinggp licence. Fia gt3 project a group of guys on are coming up with a recentlyunveiled attempt at bringing us all fia gt3 action. The track pack i put on the fog site doesnt have zhuhai or dubai because i removed them to reduce the size of the download and because they werent part of the etcc championship. It was a championship derived from the international fia gt1 world championship, but meant to provide competition for more amateur racers in closer to production cars. Download adac rallye deutschland 2016 dhrontal rfactor. The link for the download of the lm version of the m6 will share in another post. We also manage a formula 1 rfactor 2 league with superb drivers and are always looking for new ones to race with us. Apex moddings fia gt3 mod for rfactor 2 is arguably one of the top thirdparty pieces of content for isis sim.

Gtr 2, which is the official simulation of the fia gt championship, features more than 140 high detailed cars and 34 different tracklayouts in a hyper realistic. Free download software, free video dowloads, free music downloads, free movie downloads, games home. There is also good stablished mods for open wheel, nascar, etc. I had a group c mod but the cockpits looked absolutely dreadful, looked like it came from a game in 1997 so i deleted it. Toban was one of the original tracks in the rfactor series, used as the test track for multiplayer before its official release in 2005. It took years of work to create, improve and fix content, as well as stay current with game and technology update. Great additional included with realistic tracks and sounds. Delete it and what remains is silence when you are not on track. This is the al modding teams first rfactor mod, which contains all cars and drivers with good physics. You will have a completely adfree access to the service and will be automatically signed up to every challenge. The new version of the popular gt3 racing mod comes with a twist as it has balance of performance applied, aiming at giving all cars an equal shot of performing at the same level, as its done in many gt3based racing series around the globe.

Changelog debugging debugging alt tab problem discover by euskotracks, offset7 now reworked. It took years of work to create, improve and fix content, as well as stay current with game and technology updates. Today we proudly present the release of the gt3 power pack, featuring five iconic gt3 class cars. Apex moddings gt3 mod is one of the top gt mods for rfactor 2, featuring fan favorites such as the bmw z4 gt3, ferrari 458 italia albeit under a different name, chevrolet corvette, and more. Once downloaded and installed either version, go ahead and download the crack here. Currently doing hot laps around some tracks, shoud have videos up. At the moment, the supported simulations are rfactor 2 by studio 397 and automobilista by reiza studios. Although containing five cars, players will have to wait for a little while yet until we get access to. Even the fia gt3 champ is a part of and praised the work done with this mod. The thing is, rfactor have so much unnofficial content that we might get lost, so i would give some recommendations. The new version of the mod introduces a brand new car to the growing field of gt3 machinery as the mclaren mp412c gt3 has been added to the mods grid. This new version comprises a new camaro, bmw and ferrari, in addition to the mercedes benz sls amg gt3, corvette z06, porsche 997 gt3r, and mclaren mp412c gt3 which was added in. Fia gt3 for rfactor 2 new version released virtualr.

Well, its time to add one more car to the list, as the audi r8 is coming to the mod. Compiled with the skins of le duc2 they will be held on the tracks of the seat leon supercopa in 2010. Team apex modding has released the newest version of their popular fia gt3 sports car racing mod for rfactor 2. Modern design, impressive aerodynamics and years of experience in motorsport should help this car to claim wins among several premier gt3 events. This new version comprises a new camaro, bmw and ferrari, in addition to the mercedes benz sls amg gt3, corvette z06, porsche 997 gt3 r, and mclaren mp412c gt3 which was added in the previous version of the mod. Yesterday, studio 397 proudly released the gt3 challengers pack for rfactor 2, bringing us five exciting gt3 racing cars, including two world first appearances in the form of the mclaren 720s gt3, and the 2019 aston martin vantage gt3. We merged the physics from bes mod with the gt3 mod and we did some editing concerning cars a different mclaren, different nissan right side wheel, added fordgt and alpina and f430 to the mix.

People who rate this one 4 or 5 stars need to go play gtr2 or gt3 cars from assetto. We at apex modding team thank you for downloading our 2012 fia gt3 mod for rfactor2. This mod contains all teams and drivers from the 1996 fia formula one world championship. Jun 23, 2014 fia gt3 2010 mod for rfactor converted to gsce. Home shop cars tracks faq contact twitter discord facebook youtube. Apex modding has released their massive fia gt3 mod for rfactor, bringing us a carefully crafted recreation of the popular european sports car championship. Apex modding would like to finally, officially present our complete gt3 mod for rfactor 2. We are a community of simracing enthusiasts from all around the world. I got a few mods, including lemans, modern gt3 and a 2005 vln mod that for some reason doesnt work.

So cool oh btw the etcc track pack doesnt contain all of delphis gtr2 tracks, it doesnt have zhuhai, dubai tracks. Team apex modding has released a new version of their popular fia gt3 mod for rfactor 2. Team owners, and track promoters in nascar history duration. Our mission is to be your simracing central for cars, tracks, plugins, tutorials, and much more. Extending the groundbreaking physics engine found in gtr, gtr 2 takes the thrill of driving to new heights. As some of you already guessed, that was the callaway corvette c7 gt3r. Apex is a modding group that develops professional grade content for computer games, with a focus on racing simulators. Its pleasing that the sound effects are on a par with the brilliant visuals.

Gtr 2, which is the official simulation of the fia gt championship. Currently, the mod features various gt3 cars from brands such as bmw, mercedes, ferrari, chevrolet, mclaren and porsche. You already knew about the mclaren 650s gt3, and at the simexpo we revealed the second carthe bentley continental gt3. One of the fias key objectives is to encourage and implement the adoption of common regulations for all forms of motor sports and series across the world. After successfully creating over a dozen products in the previous ten years, including the formula one and nascar franchise games for ea sports, image space took the next logical step in creating a completely new technology base and development process. If you like gt3, i recommend you the apex fia gt3 mod several gt3 cars is what i mostly play. In april of this year, apex announced a partnership with shadowworks to bring some new cars to the mod, and one of the vehicles is the bmw m6 gt3. Gt3 challenges pack released for rfactor 2 racedepartment.

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