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Hasbro toy commercial for the inhumanoid figure dcompose. Metlar then commanded tendril to hunt down the earth core but blackthorne shore showed up and used magnetic waves from his. Note at the time of this writing, hasbro has dropped inhumanoids. Earth corps, a team of scientists specializing in subterranean exploration, would prefer to simply go about their work. Metlar and tendril from the cartoon series inhumanoids. The evil that lies within a golden super adventure book, inhumanoids by rich margopoulos and fred fredericks sep 1, 1986. Scroll down to add issues to your want list and well email you when they arrive. No matter what youre looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. In the modern day, they have been released and now seek to reclaim the earth as theirs.

These are monsters from the inhumanoids cartoon series. Able to painfully transform anyone he touches into his undead slaves, d compose demonstrates his. See more ideas about 80 cartoons, saturday morning cartoons and saturday morning cartoons 80s. Inhumanoids comic books all regular issues are out of stock. In the patent forms, the trademark was rebranded as primordia.

He has a rib cage in his chest that swings open to trap humans and yells out his name a lot. Starriors series began issue comics in very fine condition. Part 1 of 4 based on the screenplay by flint dille. And one set of characters introduced, in a pinup drawn by the one,and only art adams, in the tradition of the inhumanoids, comes the creatures of primordia, good or evil, no one knows yet. When tom was young he was into comic books, drawing funny pictures and collecting records. D compose explained their metal outsides were only a shell and inside were fleshslugs the inhumanoids and mutores name for humans. Dcompose is an undead dinosaur that can corrupt flesh and create zombiefied monsters out of humans. Online shopping from a great selection at books store. He lurked in a place called skelweb which was a labyrinth built from stolen cemeteries, mausoleums and tombs. The inhumanoids comic read the inhumanoids comic online. Marvel comics produced a shortlived inhumanoids comic book under its star comics imprint in 1987, adapting the storyline of the evil that lies within.

D compose is one of the 3 inhumanoids, and is undead. Like most 80s cartoons, it was based on an accompanying toyline, which was made by hasbro the main story focuses on a group of scientists called the earth corps. Metlar, tendril and d compose were 14 figures and are the most sought after. Eventually, both blackthorne and nightcrawler start their own dark cult of dimwitted teenagers to be used as d compose. Even the gargantuan zombiedinosaur dcompose managed a cameo in. Oct 22, 2011 inhumanoids giant subterranean creatures with different abilitys tendril a giant vinelike creature dcompose a giant undead prehistoriclike creature metlar a giant devil like.

Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than canadian dollars and are approximate conversions to canadian dollars based upon bloombergs conversion rates. Morbius by bruce timm bruce timm, comic book artists. Comic books marvel comics offers new sale up to 67% off on comics written by novelists like r. D compose, metlars terrifying secondincommand, is a hulking, undead monstrosity who pulled an entire city underground to turn it into his personal domain, killing everyone who lived there and reducing the citys knights into his undead slaves, cursed to wander the ruins of the town forevermore. Here you can see the cardbacks for the series 2 figures of sabrejet, night crawler and blackthorne shore that were never released. Slated to recap the first handful of sevenminute episodes that introduced the inhumanoids and the earth corps that opposed them, the comic book series made it to issue number four before being cancelled, leaving the fifth episode off. This led to appearances on every cable show spawned by the standup epidemic of the 80s and 90s as. He has control over the dead, and has a giant cage built into stomach. There were also 14inch figures called metlar, tendril and d compose available.

Inhumanoids a big coloring book sc 1986 golden comic books. The scientists of earth corps soon found themselves caught in the middle of a centuriesold war between these inhumanoids and the mutores, benevolent elemental creatures of rock, wood, fire, and ice. It d just be mean to tease you about the cyclops dragon with a transparent acidbelly and not give up the goods, so let me tell you about gargoyle. Image, anos 80, animated cartoons, animated cartoon movies, comic books.

An enormous monster, called d compose, is discovered encased in amber in the big sur. Comics produced a shortlived inhumanoids comic book. D compose, inhumanoids how to make comics, cartoon characters, fictional characters. Despite being the smallest of the evil monster trio, the figure was still immense. Nightcrawler is a undead was brought to life by d compose, he is a villain in the 1986 animated show inhumanoids. Its really the inhumanoids characters that steal and make the show, hence its title, my favorite one is decompose from the fact its voiced by the late great chris latta, the design which is a zombified dinosaur, some of its persona which is creepy and almost kinda funny sometimes, but also its abilities like entrapping people in its. He can also turn living things into zombie monsters with a mere touch of his claw. The inhumanoids, monstrous behemoths of immense power, live again. Hes more like a ravening animal than the rest of the inhumanoids, and gargoyle was never made as a toy, which is a shame because transparent acid belly. Official strength comparison of marvel comic book characters duration. Oct 21, 2017 within these episodes, a female scientist is horribly transformed into a drooling, skeletalfaced monster by an inhumanoid called d. Compose in a box and im wondering if i can buy it and how much.

Tigger disney characters fictional characters geek art art background kunst performing arts fantasy characters. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. The art in this issue is good and is that classic marvel of the 80s style. The inhumanoids got their own comic book series as part of marvel comics star comics imprint. The coolest inhumanoid had to be dcompose latta who was succinctly described as the undead horror.

What can the monsters, tendril and d compose possibly want. The inhumanoids are an ancient evil race of giant creatures that dwelled deep within the planet earth. Inhumanoids is 1part 1950s monster movie, 1part scifi adventure, and 1part ecological warning. Nov 16, 2015 note at the time of this writing, hasbro has dropped inhumanoids. Dcompose is an undead dinosaurlike monster and the main antagonist from inhumanoids.

Stine and tanehisi coates the sale expires 419 at 11 pm edt. A complete checklist of the inhumanoids hasbro action figure toy series to help you complete your collection. Inhumanoids 1987 marvelstar comics comic books mycomicshop. Back of the box for the d compose action figure from hasbros inhumanoids. Members sslither, metlar, d compose, tendril, gagoyle. Even the gargantuan zombiedinosaur dcompose managed a cameo in the jem episode broadway magic because cartoons are weird like that. Jan, 2009 back to the future marty mcfly plays johnny b. Joe, strawberry shortcake lists of comics based on toys.

I d love to see what hasbro would do with a monsterthemed actionadventure property in todays toy market, especially with all the advances in tooling and such. Incredible creatures from beneath the earth want to control the world and destroy mankind. However, this changes when a horde of monsters from below called inhumanoids, collaborated by the evil human traitor, blackthorne shore, begin to attack the surface world. Nostalgia, cartoons, usa, image, anos 80, animated cartoons, animated cartoon movies, comic books. Dcompose is an undead dinosaurlike monster and the main antagonist from inhumanoids he was voiced by the late christopher collins, who was known for voicing starscream in transformers and cobra commander in g. They seemed to be on their way to debuting in the hasbro comic universe, as hinted in issues.

Tendril and dcompose are two of those eldritch abominations. Inhumanoids was a episode western animation show by sunbow entertainment that aired in 1986. Can earth corps and the mutores defend mankind against the monstrous might of the inhumanoids a readytocolor adventure starring the inhumanoids. Inhumanoids is the title of an animated series and the name of a hasbro toy property that were both released in 1986. This is the latest in my series of updated inhumanoids figures. The inhumanoids comic read the inhumanoids comic online in. The bimonthly comic book loosely adapted the first four episodes. Read the inhumanoids comic online free and high quality. The scientists of earth corps soon found themselves caught in the middle of a centuriesold war between these inhumanoids and the mutores, benevolent elemental. New listing vintage 1986 hasbro inhumanoids earth corps liquidator dr bright auger granok. We offer modern, bronze age, silver age, and golden age comics.

Released by hasbro in 1986, inhumanoids were a set of action featured based on the cartoon of the same name. Cover of the first issue in the fourissue limited comic book series depicting the postapocalyptic adventures of the starriors robots. Character concept character art concept art character design comic book characters comic books fictional characters 80 cartoons cobra commander. He was voiced by the late christopher collins, who was known for voicing starscream in transformers and cobra. Another of the inhumanoids also rises from the depths of the earth in a sequence that resembles the apocalyptic coming of cthulhu. He can also turn living things into zombie monsters with a. Inspire a love of reading with prime book box for kids discover delightful childrens books with prime book box, a subscription that delivers new books every 1, 2, or 3 months new customers receive 15% off your first box. Sir arthur conan doyle erroneously credited herein with the pelluci. Inhumanoids first appeared as an animated feature on marvel productionss super sundaysaturday omnibus series in 1986. Epic comics, valiant comics, fireman press and other miscellaneous. Anos 80, animated cartoons, animated cartoon movies, comic books. Dcompose 1 dcompose is one of the 3 inhumanoids, and is undead. Inhumanoids was a coproduction between hasbro and marvelsunbow, the same teamup that produced shows like the transformers, g.

Metlar who resides in the earths core and is able to spit balls of flaming lava. As if the birdlike demon head and putrefied flesh werent enough, d. The toy line only managed to survive one series with each scientist figure having his own action power. Jul 08, 2016 im putting up all the unreleased inhumanoids pics and details i have managed to find whilst searching through the internet and from other sources. Inhumanoids the evil that lies within the toybox 10. The trio of villains of the shortlived hasbro toyline the inhumanoids that spawned a cartoon and comic book series. Dec 10, 2012 dcompose spends most the issue trapped but when freed at the end his look and manner seem to indicate that he is going to be a handful to anyone who gets in his way. I was not at all thrilled with these oversized monsters. When d compose gives ole mangler the zombie treatment, a hideous abomination is born, the skullfaced nightcrawler, who is so ugly that even d compose gets the creeps. If youre looking for a hard to find back issue, we probably have it. Comics database saturday morning cartoons 80s, comic book characters.

Tom turned to standup comedy in boston and san francisco. Ages ago, the inhumanoids reigned over the earth until one by one, they were locked away. If we dont, add it to your want list and well notify you when its in stock. Inhumanoids vol 1 marvel comics database saturday morning cartoons. Dcompose is one of the 3 inhumanoids, and is undead. It featured the same writers, producers, directors, animators, music and voice actors as all those other shows. With inhumanoids now in the bag, i was able to get my hands on a comic book that was always free in my youth at a restaurant that my grandparents loved. Even the gargantuan zombiedinosaur d compose managed a cameo in the jem episode broadway magic because cartoons are weird like that. In the tradition of other hasbro properties such as transformers, and g. Inhumanoids vol 1 marvel comics database the inhumanoids volume comic vine chaffin while were on the subject of action. The third monster, d compose, is a sort of decaying zombie dinosaur who can both reanimate the dead as his mindless slaves and, with a touch, cause a living human being to transform into a decaying, gargantuan, monstrous version of themselves.

D compose inhumanoids fanart by roadbull on deviantart its been a while since i made monster artworks. With their monstrous powers, the only ones capable of stopping them are the earth corps. The comic book, meanwhile, was cancelled after only four issues. The line was featured in the hasbro unite comic that showcased all the potential toys we could be seeing from hasbro and featured a splashpage of art by monsterartist extraordinaire, arthur adams. D compose inhumanoids fanart by roadbull on deviantart. D compose needed more of a horror vibe than the vintage toy allowed for. What can the monsters, tendril and dcompose possibly want. They were the mortal enemies of the mutores that imprisoned them for centuries until blackthorn shaw released them from their slumber. The comic does keep true to the source, and the storyline is a nice starting point for the series. Using a lever on the back, you could open and close that ribcage to trap action figures within d. Dcompose inhumanoids dcompose inhumanoids by elmachomuchacho on deviantart toho kingdom view topic inhumanoids see more. Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and oneofakind products and gifts related to your search.

The series ended after only 4 issues and left readers with the cliffhanger of metlars escape from captivity and sandra shores transformation into an undead minion of d compose. He can also turn living things into zombie monsters with a mere touch. Herman manglar was geneticist sentenced to imprisonment in the glades penitentiary for engineering monstrous creatures in his laboratory. The earth corps, a courageous team of scientists, must do everything in their power to stop them. Back of the box for the dcompose action figure from hasbros inhumanoids. Dcompose commanded an army of the dead and could transform the living into 50foot zombies with just a touch. The segments aired in rotation with bigfoot, jem, robotix, and spiderman. That place was captain d,s and the comic was captain d s exciting adventures. Inhumanoids was one of the best toy lines of any decade, and if youve been with me for a while, youve read that sentiment more than a dozen times. Joe, the show was produced by sunbow entertainment and marvel productions and animated in japan by toei animation. Retro spot hasbro inhumanoids dcompose figure released 1986.

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